The jDGKK seminar will take place on 10th March 2020 in Munich/Garching. The participant has the possibility to present a poster at the seminar (not a must, but always good to get to know each other). Moreover, the seminar will be in English (please keep this in mind for your poster). Participating in the jDGKK seminar is free of charge. More details will be given accordingly. For questions, please contact us by email to

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The participants of the jDGKK - Seminar 2020 declare their willingness that their data is stored when registering. The data provided by the participants (first name, surname, company, place) will be published in a list of participants at the conference. The data provided by the participants will be used to bring participants into contact with each other or to get in contact with them and for eventual organizational questions from the organizers. Personal data is used in the framework of the DKT2020. Personal data will be transmitted only in the legally permissible cases, or in particular for prosecution due to alleged attacks on the DGKK network infrastructure, to state institutions and authorities. A transfer for other purposes to third parties does not take place. I hereby declare myself binding to the jDGKK - Seminar from 10. March 2020 in Munich / Garching.

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